Fee Structure

  • Fee Structure for the Course is as fixed by the Government of Kerala and Admission & Fee Regulatory Committee for Medical Education in Kerala. In addition there will be an annual registration fee, special fees and PTA Fund and other fees approved by AFRC.

    Caution Deposit - An amount of 200/- should be remitted as caution deposit at the time of admission and it will be refunded on completion of the course after deduction of the cost of damages, breakages or loss caused to the institution, if any.

  • Fine of 5/- will be levied from the student for every week of defaults in payment of tution and other fees. The candidates will lose his/her attendance if payment is not made within 15 days from the due date namely the reopening day of the College. The name of the student will be removed from the rolls without notice for the continuous absence of 30 days without permission.
  • The fees relating to the University will be as fixed by the University concerned, from time to time.
  • All the above fees are subject to modification and changes from time to time as decided by the Government/University/AFRC.
  • Fees Concession: Students of SC/ST and backward class eligible for educational concessions are exempt from the payment of fee as per orders of the Government issued on the basis of the Kumara Pillai Commission report. SC/ST students need remit only the caution deposit and the van fee.

    Note: No exemption from payment of fees will be granted to candidates who are likely to be eligible for any other type of concessions. But the fees paid by them will be reimbursed as and when the concession is sanctioned by the Government.