Research Publications in Last One Year

Dr. N HariharaIyer
Department of Organon of Medicine

                 Publication of journal articles in the year 2020.


Journal name, Publisher, Nature of Journal, Status

Volume and issue No, month and year of publication, Doi, Impact factor

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Vidya Bharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal VIIRJ
Online Journal,
UGC Care Listed II

Vol.10  Issue 2, June 2020

An experimental study to analyse the influence of dimensions of personality of Big-Five on the scores of Routine Assessment of Patient Index Data (RAPID 3) of patients suffering from localised non-articular rheumatism of upper and lower limb.                         

page no.46-52


International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences     Publisher-Integrated Publishers, Bangladesh.
(Peer-reviewed Print Journal)
E-ISSN2616-4493,  P-ISSN2616-4485

Vol.4, Issue 3, July-Sept 2020
Impact Factor (RJIF) 4.8

An experimental study to find out the extent of possibility of relief after administration of homoeopathic medicine based on disease activity symptoms in most common upper and lower limb periarticular lesions

Page No.267-271


UGC-CARE Approved Group-2 Journal, ISO7021-2008 Certified
On-line journal

Vol.7,Issue 9, September 2020  Impact factor 6.1

A critical study on the concept of modern personality psychology and reflections of Hahnemann and Kent on Homoeopathic individualisation in identifying similarities in both concepts


The Homoeopathic Heritage
B. Jain Publishers(P) Ltd
ISSN 9070-6038
Peer-Reviewed Journal
Print & on-line

Vol.46, No. 08 November 2020

A critical overview of the concept of health, disease and cure in current knowledge vis-à-vis with the homoeopathic concept of the same sketched from the Organon of Medicine of Dr Hahnemann.

Page no. 18-21